Zhonglian pharmaceutical safety production training meeting is held smoothly

Time:2018-06-15 Publisher:admin

Safety production training will be held smoothly

Shenzhen Zhonglian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhonglian pharmaceutical) holds a standardized training for safety production under the organization of Luohu street. The training theme is to strengthen the safety legal system and ensure the safety of production. Zhonglian pharmaceutical leader attaches great importance to and organizes all the staff to study with the staff: Mr. Yang Zhongzhe, President of China Federation of pharmaceuticals, Zhou Shengpeng, general manager of China Federation of pharmaceuticals, deputy general manager Luo Xiaoping of China Federation of pharmaceuticals, Luo Jiping of China Federation of pharmaceutical engineering equipment and the head of safety of China Federation and Zhonglian pharmaceutical company. Good results.
Safety production has always emphasized the policy of "safety first, prevention and comprehensive management", and one of the keys to ensure safety production is to strengthen the training of safety education for workers. The necessary safety education and training for workers is the main way to let the workers understand and the safety laws and regulations, improve the safety technical quality of the staff and workers, and enhance the safety awareness of the workers and staff. It is the basis of ensuring safe production and doing a good job of safety work.
The conference mainly conveys the contents of the three level safety education and the seven responsibilities of the person in ge in the document of the 2014 Decree No. thirteenth, which requires the complete implementation of the responsibility system for the production of enterprises. No death of workers, no major accidents, no equipment accidents, accidents management should be strengthened, and four lessons for accidents should be implemented.
Safety production is a long-term and arduous task. Only through continuous safety education and training, taking various forms of education, carefully planning and elaborately arranging, improving the safety awareness and operation skills of the workers, can we ensure the safety, prevent and avoid the occurrence of various accidents.